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Online/Webinar Classes & Instructions

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I pray that you are all safe & healthy during this #pandemic.

We would like to provide you with continuous meaningful service. Because of the present #COVID19 situation we are still in Community Quarantine. We have been prohibited to meet in gatherings, that is why we will continue to do our #onlineBirthclasses. We will send to you the #WebinarBirth link once you have pre-registered and settled all fees.

The #WebinarClasses will be for the:

A.) Prepared #Childbirth Class (#BirthClass) B.) The #Newborn/ #Breastfeeding Basics/ The 4th Trimester (#Postpartum) C.) #InfantCPR & #FirstAid including prevention and care for #COVID19

We had our first Webinar on Birth last April 18. We will have them every month.


1.) Go to the "CLASSES MENU" where you will see the link (copy & Paste URL)

You may also pre-register two ways, by text or email. Please send us the information below:

2.) Text: +63920-9052737

3.) Email:

Include all your contact details for easy communication. Please complete.

“YES2Birth or #Newborn or #CPR

1.) The chosen date of webinar class 2.) Participants:

A.) name of pregnant mother to be:

B.) partner's name & relationship to mother to be: 3.) EDD (estimated due date)

4.) #Baby's gender 4.) Obstetrician

5.) Pediatrician 6.) Hospital where you will birth baby 7.) City of Residence 8.) How did you first learn about our classes/who referred us? 9.) Mobile number

10.) Viber number 11.) Email address 12.) Facebook name 13.) Instagram

We will text you promo rates and where to pay.

Send us back a snap shot of your payment slip.

We will send to you Webinar Link. Do not share with anyone,


The hours will be from 10-12pm & 1-4pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Be be ready to extend just in case we do over time. I suggest you keep the whole day free just for our class.

It would be better to use your laptop. If it is not available, your iPad or mobile phone will do.

Please make sure you have a strong internet connection & a fully battery charged gadget. Have your charger ready just in case you need to charge.

Connect 15 minutes before the set time.

Have everything you need ready like snacks & drinks & paper & a ball pen to write down your notes.

We would like to call you by name, so kindly use your name online.

For our #Birth Classes, prepare a shawl to wrap around the belly, a yoga mat or beach towel & 2-3 bed pillows. Wear pants, shorts or a long flowing skirt for the women. It would be better to have your partner present for the massages & demonstrations. His role will also be discussed.

For The #Newborn class, if available, have a doll ready for baby massage & a receiving blanket for swaddle.

By the grace of God, we are hopeful & positive that we will win this fight against #CoVid-19.

I will see you soon! Meanwhile please stay home, stay safe & stay healthy!

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