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The "3n1" 4th Trimester Class

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

When you think about your birthing journey, we believe all parents should be well informed, especially those who are first timers. Joining Childbirth Preparation Courses can help you make confident choices for a positive and healthy labor and birth outcome.

Equally important is our 3n1 Classes to help you prepare for your first day at home with your newborn. We will give you valuable tips on how to mother the Mother so that you can in turn take good care of your precious baby during the postpartum period. Your baby's life is in your hands, as the saying goes. A healthy rested cared for mother can better look after her newborn baby.

Apart form the Postpartum Care, we will also teach you the basics of Breastfeeding so that you can get an early and correct start in breastfeeding, knowing how to properly latch and position your baby- the secret on how not to get sore crack nipples. How to get relief from engorgement. How to increase milk supply, storing breast milk and how your partner can help you are just a few of the tips we will give you. There are so much more.

Finally, included also is the Newborn Care- the fav of many first timer mothers. Baby's first bath, baby massage, tummy time, newborn appearance, danger signs to watch out for, how to prevent SIDS, carrying, burping, changing diapers, swaddling, cord and genital care, baby essentials and so much more mommy tips.

It is our hope that we could be a part of your wonderful journey into parenthood so that we can help you have an enriched and easier fun time in your 4th trimester.

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