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Alone during labor without your partner?Agree or disagree?What are preggy moms saying about COVID19?

In January 2020 the rumors about #COVID19 started to spread but it was not until March when President Duterte announced Metro Manila and it's other regions to go on #ECQ (Enhance Community Quarantine). This was scary in the beginning because people had a lot of unanswered questions and thoughts on what was happening and how long will it last. Many people went on panic buying especially for alcohol, disposable face masks, vitamine C with Zinc, canned goods, toilet paper and so much more!

For a moment everything seemed to stand still. Businesses big and small, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, groceries, gasoline stations were closed. No one was allowed to go out. It took a while for protocols to be put into place. So many people lost their jobs and had no work and no income. There were a lot who volunteered to give help and donations of food and PPE's (personal protective equipments like masks and face shields) from the private sectors. The government gave out money and food to the poor. This was unprecedented and definitely will be for the books.

Luckily, my last coaching as a doula with the mommy and her husband was on March 14, 2020 in Makati Medical Center just before they announced the #ECQ. The #lockdown happened was declared on March 17, 2020. And shortly after that, I was no longer allowed to accompany my #pregnant mommies in the hospital during their #labor and #birth. Very soon after, even the husbands were not allowed inside. We are all made to go on #quarantine, which meant that everybody had to stay at home. At that time the doctors and nurses where did not have the full PPE's that they are wearing now. There were no clear protocols set with regards to #COVID19 unlike now and even then, the rules set are constantly changing as times and situations change until this day. I hope they allow the husbands inside the the labor and delivery room soon, for the sake of the first time #preggy moms. I think if a lot of the would be mothers demand this, it will eventually be allowed. I have read that labors have significantly gone faster with fewer complications when the woman is with someone, like her husband or doula. Plus she is more cooperative and relatively relaxed vs being alone, discouraged and unsure.

When I posted a question yesterday, October 18, 2020 in the evening in Facebook...

"How many of you gave birth without your husband or a companion with you?

Do you think the husbands should be allowed to be with their wives during their labor and birth during the COVID19 pandemic?

I personally think it's the right of every woman to be with her husband during one of the most difficult time in her life. Don't you?"

Would you believe, in one whole day, I received 371 reactions and 176 comments and still counting. So apparently this is a sentiment that holds dear in the hearts of pregnant moms. It is affecting a lot of them, especially the first timers. Others shared how they gave birth alone, scared and lonely. While others conditioned their minds that they will be alone and drew comfort in the expertise of their obstetricians because they have no choice. On the other hand there were other husbands who did not want to go inside the delivery room because they were afraid of blood or do not want to see their wives in pain. There were others who decided to change care providers and venues. Some decided to go in a maternity clinic with a midwife and a few gave birth at home. It was interesting to see the many point of views of the mommies.

Check it out here...

Is it not wonderful for the mother's to have their husbands there during the birth of their newborn? They even get the opportunity to cut their baby's umbilical cord. The special bonding between the three of them, wife husband baby, is awesome!


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