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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When should you call your obstetrician to report if there is something wrong?

As a woman, we were all given a maternal instinct. During #pregnancy, we need to sharpen this instinct so that we can tell if there is something wrong with our #baby inside the womb. It is always safer to err on the side of caution. Best scenario you would like to hear is when the doctor tells you, there's nothing wrong, go home.

Here are some things you should know. When any of these happens, let your doctor or midwife know.

1.) Vaginal bleeding even spotting

2.) Discharge that is brown or pink

3.) Severe headache especially at night

4.) Blurring of vision, spots or lightning flashes, sensitivity to the light

5.) Sudden edema or swelling of our hands or ankles, feet or face.

6.) Severe abdominal pains that keeps on coming and going.

5.) Severe itchiness especially at night

7.) Throbbing pain on your lower rib

8.) High fever associated with a chill.

9.) Convulsions, fits

10.) Difficulty breathing

11.) Pre-term #labor contractions

12.) Bag of water rapturing

There are several illnesses and complications that can occur in pregnancy. Many of them can only be validated through a urine and or blood test. That is why it is important to report them to your care provider. The earlier the better. We would not like an early labor and #birth.


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