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Private Birth Doula/ Labor Coach

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your birthing journey.

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Service Description

Covid19 has changed a lot of the protocols in the hospitals. Ever since locked down was declared in our country last March 17, 2020, the Doulas were no longer allowed to accompany the pregnant mothers in their labor & delivery. Fortunately, the husbands who were also banned from accompanying their wives in the labor & delivery rooms are slowly being allowed to be inside the delivery room at the time of the birth of their babies. But it is still a case to case basis & would have to depend on the hospital & on their Obstetrician. Some mothers have looked into the idea of giving birth at home with an experienced midwife & Doula or in smaller clinics that do not accept Covid patients. I understand the anxiety & fear the mothers have concerning laboring alone & the many questions they have regarding their births & their fear of their baby & her contracting the virus in the hospital. I empathize with you mommy! Because of this my commitment to empower, inform & comfort mothers during this challenging times remains strong. I adopted quickly to the changes & continue to offer my doula services to my students. This is possible face to face in your home or in the hospital or in a Maternity Clinic. They would have to attend my full blown Birth Class to have a clear understanding of labor & birth. If you are interested & want me to be there to hold your hand every step of the way, reach out to me & we can discuss how this can be possible virtually. Happy to be of service. Note: The fastest way to reach us is through Viber and by DM in Instagram. Viber +63920-9052737 Landline: +632-72181575 DM IGM: @birthtimesph

Contact Details

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