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WEBINAR 3N1- 4th Trimester SUN. 06.30.24

3-in-1 class: Newborn Care, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Recovery

  • Starts Jun 30
  • IGM DM @birthtimesph

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Service Description

The 3n1 Class is our 4th Trimester Session that offers comprehensive support to first-time pregnant couples, addressing 3 topics in 1 day. It encompasses postpartum recovery, guiding parents through physical and emotional healing. Breastfeeding basics are covered, aiding in establishing a nurturing bond. The program also delves into newborn care essentials, equipping parents with practical skills for their baby's well-being. In a condensed time frame, 3n1 ensures a holistic approach to the transformative fourth trimester, fostering confidence and readiness for the journey ahead. It's a combination of lecture and with a lot of demonstration. You'll surely love this hands-on Class. Message us in IGM @birthtimesph & leave us your Viber number where we can send the pre-registration form. and class link. Slots are limited & easily gets full so reserve now and learn how to better take care of yourself and your baby when you get home. Make sure you attend the date specified and have a strong stable internet connection. For more information contact: DM Instagram: @birthtimesph Visit:

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