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F2F131 Privè 3N1- 4th Trimester 09.17.22

3in1 class Newborn Care, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Care with Bryco & Bea Rengal

  • Ended
  • Special Rate
  • Face To Face

Service Description

F2F#131 is a Private One on One 3 in 1- 4th Trimester is Comprehensive Class. Best paired with The Labor & Birth Class. Will tackle 3 topics: Postpartum, Breastfeeding & Newborn Care. We equip the new parents on how to care of their babies when they go home. How to care for the cord, circumcision, change diapers, give a baby bath & a baby massage, swaddle, carry & burp. We teach them the basics of breastfeeding & how to prevent common breastfeeding problems & on postpartum care. We give them tips on how they could slowly get into their new role smoothly with ease & confidence. It is a must class for new parents! Learn how to better take care of yourself and your baby when you get home. Reasonably priced with lots of insightful information and tips on how to prepare for after the birth with your partner from 10:00am-7:00pm (9 hours) with a 1 hour lunch break.. Best way to CONTACT us: DM Instagram: @birthtimesph Smart # 0920-9052737 Grelly

Contact Details

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